TTF Quality Control

The process of constructing a timber frame home is different than conventional homebuilding in a variety of ways, perhaps none more significant than the level of pre-fabrication that is done in our shop before our materials ever arrive to the jobsite.

Our process begins with our designers who illustrate how the frame will integrate into the entire home plan both structurally and aesthetically.  Next, the designers break down the entire frame into individual timbers and the mortise and tenon joinery is designed to perfectly integrate with adjoining members, thus planning the details of the overall frame.  As is the traditional timber frame tradition, the joinery is designed to support very heavy loads without the need for metal support of any kind.  The mechanized, CNC fabrication process is the next step, with our cutting-edge (no pun intended) Hundegger process doing the majority of the work on the timber.  Finally, our experienced craftsmen finish the complicated joinery or work that the Hundegger cannot accomplish on its own.  The timbers are bundled and ready to go to the jobsite!

Many people ask if the frames are pre-assembled in our shop before we assemble them on location.  This is a great question, and the answer is…sometimes.  When we can pre-assemble a truss or timber structure that can fit on the back of a trailer, we do pre-assemble for ease of installation on the jobsite.  In the case of much larger structures for a great room, outdoor structure or other massive feature, we use a detailed quality control process to ensure accuracy before our work ever leaves the shop.  Our quality control expert checks the dimensions of the joinery down to the 1/16th of an inch on each timber, makes sure the oiling, distressing, or weathering treatment on the timber is consistent and accurate with the job specifications, and all timbers are organized for ease of install on the jobsite.  This process that we have perfected over the course of a decade ensures efficiency for our company as well as for our proud customers.

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