The next timber frame raising on our schedule is a project unlike any we have done in the past.  This Port Orford cedar horse barn is a 14,900 square foot showpiece with 8 stalls and an elegant office and living space for the owners.  Perhaps the most challenging thing for Texas Timber Frames has been meeting the extreme requirements of building in a wetland that faces some of the fiercest storms in the world.

Hurricane Winds

The weather on the Louisiana coastline poses unique challenges for building with timber.  The hurricane winds faced in this part of the country are perhaps the most significant.  Timber framing is famous for its ability to withstand fierce winds in hurricanes and tornadoes and this was one of the factors in the owner’s decision to trust us with the project.  Having seen conventionally built homes literally blown away in storms while timber frames survived the blunt of tremendous winds throughout the centuries, the owner chose us to build a structure that he knew would last even in this challenging building environment.  Steel has been utilized in a few strategic places in the frame to supplement the strength of the timber frame itself, resulting in a structure that is rated to withstand sustained, gale force winds.

Building in a Hot, Humid Swamp

Built near the gulf coastline south of New Orleans, this barn faces the challenges of a swamp-like terrain and environment.  The ground on which the barn will sit requires a special foundation with pilings that keep the foundation and building from sinking into the ground.  These pilings go deep into the ground like a pier to get a foothold in the more stable earth well below the swampy surface.  In addition to providing stability, these pilings will help brace against the hurricane winds along the coast.  This is a unique challenge that our trusted engineer has met with flying colors.

The Only Timber for the Job

This job called for a wood species to which we refer as “timber framer’s gold”—Port Orford cedar.  This timber, which is actually closely related to cypress, is a structural cedar (the only cedar with a structural rating) that is virtually impervious to pest infestation or moisture rot.  It also does not have the brittle qualities of western red or eastern red cedar, resulting in a perfect material for our craftsmen to execute the precise joinery in the mortise and tenon connections.  Coming from the coastline of Oregon, this gold colored timber was the perfect choice for a job of this magnitude in a challenging environment like the Louisiana coastline.


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 San Antonio, TX April 30, 2013 – Founded in 1988 in San Antonio, Texas Timber Frames has set the bar for quality, custom-designed timber frame structures for homes, outdoor living and commercial use. Building on its 25-year reputation for excellence, Texas Timber Frames is preparing for a new era of growth by constructing a manufacturing facility and showroom east of Boerne, Texas, approximately 20 minutes northwest of San Antonio along Texas State Highway 46.

“We are very excited about moving into our new facility.  We were able to incorporate design elements and materials used in our own projects and add a showroom our customers will enjoy,” said Jack Dickinson, chief executive officer. “The added size will help us keep up with the growing customer demand, permit us to store materials, enable us to double current production and afford us new product opportunities.”

Located in the scenic Texas Hill Country, the new Texas Timber Frame campus will include a manufacturing facility, an office building and showroom, and a landmark 70 foot timber frame windmill. The new facility is expected to be in full operation by July 1, 2013.

The new manufacturing facility showcases a more efficient design that follows the natural flow of the production cycle as well as providing ample space for both construction and assembly. The addition of a state-of-the-art Hundegger K2iL CNC (computer numerical control) timber joinery machine and Hundegger HM4 timber planer—the largest in Texas–will allow Texas Timber Frames to increase and expand its production and design-build capabilities.

“The new offices will inspire our team of designers, architects and staff, and improve communication and collaboration efforts. The offices will be a place of work, but also a showroom speaking to customers to give them a feel for the type of structures we can create,” said Dickinson.

Texas Timber Frames constructs exceptional timber frame structures of distinguished character and beauty, using time-honored methods and materials coupled with cutting-edge CAD design and machining. Each joint cut into a solid wood timber is hand finished and pre-assembled to guarantee the exacting standards are maintained. For decades Texas Timber Frames has offered the best in old-world craftsmanship coupled with modern technology. To learn more about a custom-designed, Texas Timber Frames structure, please visit

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Extraordinary Outdoor Living

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TTF Quality Control

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